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The coding structure with the highest level of granularity in the industry.

Auto-Code, developed by Auto-Guru, is a distinctive solution for coding vehicles that forms the foundation and core of the company, enabling direct connections between various datasets related to vehicles. It is a single and consistent identification mechanism for all vehicles, thus simplifying vehicle data management for businesses. Its unique coding structure ensures a high level of accuracy and seamless integration with third-party solutions.

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How Does Auto-Code Work?

The Auto-Code was developed with the goal of solving the challenges that arise when working with vehicle-related data. The traditional methods of data classification and labelling were often inaccurate or incomplete, leading to issues that cost businesses time and money. Our innovative approach with the Auto-Code resolves these problems and provides a comprehensive and consistent coding solution. This enhances the overall efficiency of the automotive industry by simplifying vehicle identification and management processes. Furthermore, the one-to-one matching capability of Auto-Code helps reduce the margin of error in data processing, which in turn improves the quality of results. Auto-Code has been recognised as a game-changing solution in the automotive industry, making the management of vehicle-related data more comfortable and reliable than ever before.

What makes Auto-Code different to other coding solutions?

What sets the Auto-Code apart from other vehicle coding solutions is its granularity. Most vehicle coding methodologies are based on high-level attributes, such as make and model, which can often lead to gaps in data analysis. The Auto-Code goes beyond that by utilizing more specific details, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of a vehicle's characteristics and features. This granularity is what makes the Auto-Code the most accurate and precise coding methodology in the industry.

In addition to its accuracy, the Auto-Code is also incredibly versatile. It can be integrated with any dataset required, providing opportunities for innovation and growth. With the Auto-Code, businesses can unlock the potential of their data and create new solutions that were previously unattainable.

Our Auto-Code technology goes beyond ordinary vehicle identification by providing additional information about the vehicle's specifications, allowing for a more detailed insight into its characteristics, including optional extras that may have been added. Incorporating a VRM or VIN lookup function to your website is a wise choice that improves the customer experience, leading to increased engagement and more sales. Rest assured in knowing that our advanced data capabilities provide your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, giving your business a competitive edge.


Auto-Code is the core solution that connects diverse datasets in the Automotive Industry

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