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We are one of the six DVLA Bulk Data License Holders. 

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The Auto-Code

The Catalyst to Directly Connect all Vehicle Data


The Auto-Code is Auto-Guru's unique vehicle coding solution. It is the catalyst and heart of the company and the methodology that allows any vehicle related datasets to be connected on a one2one basis.
This method of accurate data connectivity has been absent within the industry to date, as traditional methods of vehicle description or matching codes have proven to be inadequate. With this formerly missing component now available for data association, the creation of more intelligent applications and services is made feasible.
The vehicle aftermarket's future hinges on precise and interconnected data. As electronic and online services expand, high-quality and promptly delivered data is in high demand for better user experiences. As the trend towards electronic and online services accelerates, data provision is crucial for industry advancement. 
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Tier 1 DVLA Bulk Data Licensee

Intelligent VRM Look-Up API's

One-to-One Connectivity

Auto-Guru are a Tier1 DVLA Data Provider

As a licensed holder of bulk data from DVLA and VOSA, Auto-Guru offers essential VRM Look Up Services utilised by the industry on a daily basis. Our unparalleled connectivity to third-party data providers worldwide and innovative data cleansing techniques distinguish us as a top DVLA data provider. With our cutting-edge Auto-Code system, we boast the most detailed vehicle coding structure and methodology in the automotive sector, making us a front-runner in the field of Automotive Data Connectivity.

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Accurate and detailed data enables the creation of intelligent electronic applications and online services that enhance your customer experience.


Manufacturer Vehicle Build Data

The Manufacturer Build Data, stored at the VIN level, significantly improves the 2 core data elements.

It allows for precise identification of vehicles by integrating it into the comprehensive manufacturer-driven Auto-Code structure. This specific vehicle data boosts the accuracy of all our subsequent data services, eliminating any uncertainty or doubts about a particular vehicle. Accurately identifying a vehicle is vital for all automotive applications or services, from valuing a vehicle to identifying a specific part.

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Vast Expertise and Experience

Accurate Data Connectivity

In-Depth OE Identification


Manufacturer SMR Data (Service, Maintenance & Repair)

Discover the expert in Service, Maintenance & Repair Data with Auto-Guru. Our cutting edge Auto-Code technology accurately pinpoints your vehicle's specifications via VRM or VIN, ensuring precise maintenance and repair data tailored to your make and model. Fueling our services such as Parts Cataloguing, Quote Creation, Repair Operations and Service Schedules, this detailed data streamlines your automotive needs. Dive into the sections that cater to your specific requirements for more in-depth information.

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The team at Auto-Guru have vast experience and knowledge relating to every aspect of data within the Automotive Sector, through many years of assisting in innovation within the industry, which we are only too willing to share or assist others with.

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