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We are among the six license holders authorised and licensed by the DVLA to access and utilise bulk data, however, we are different.

We are a Tier1 DVLA Data Provider

As a Tier1 DVLA Data Provider, we stand out from other providers due to our unique approach to data cleansing and enhancement, which is then consolidated with the Automotive Industries' most finely-grained vehicle coding structure and methodology. Our proprietary technology, Auto-Code, is the cornerstone of our success as the foremost Automotive Data Connectivity company.

Thanks to our Bulk Data License, we have access to the entire DVLA database, which is integral to the UK Automotive Vehicle Parc and can be replicated in any country. Our comprehensive coverage ensures that every vehicle is accurately represented within the Auto-Code and associated structured data, making it ideal for a range of reporting requirements, such as new vehicle growth volumes, life cycle analysis, diminishing volumes, market demand for parts and accessories, and much more.

Customised and uniquely formed into a data package to suit your data requirements

Unlock the power of the DVLA Database and our cutting edge VRM/VIN Lookup APIs! Whether you're seeking detailed data or a broader perspective, our data is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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VRM VIN Lookups

VRM/VIN Lookups

Technical Specification Data

Technical Specification Data

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MOT & Tax

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles


Battery Data

Vehicle Images

Vehicle Images

VRM VIN Lookup

VRM/VIN Identifying

Our fast and efficient process enables us to deliver specific vehicle data quickly by using either the vehicle's VRM or VIN. This not only makes the process of identifying the exact vehicle much easier but also saves valuable time for everyone involved. With our cutting-edge technology, we can ensure that you receive the most comprehensive and accurate vehicle data available, enabling you to make informed business decisions quickly.

Furthermore, our Auto:Code technology takes things to a whole new level by providing additional information about the vehicle's specifications. This means that you can get a more detailed insight into the specific characteristics of the vehicle, such as any optional extras that may have been added.

Adding a VRM or VIN lookup to your website is a smart way to improve the overall user experience. By making it easier for your customers to identify the vehicle they are interested in, you will increase engagement and ultimately drive more sales. With our advanced data capabilities, you can be confident that you are providing your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information available, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
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