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Our solution for automotive industry parts and accessory cataloguing is the most comprehensive and precise all-in-one solution available.


Auto-Guru's Auto-Parts is an all-in-one service that helps Automotive Parts & Accessory Suppliers and Retail Companies create accurate product catalogues quickly and cost-effectively using the Auto-Code, a leading vehicle coding methodology.

How Does Auto-Parts Work?

Auto-Parts uses Auto-Guru's Tier 1 DVLA Bulk Data to connect all UK DVLA-registered vehicles with Auto-Guru's Auto-Code, which is the core of their system. This creates a direct link from Auto-Parts' Catalogued Parts and Accessories, providing a one-stop solution for highly accurate product marketing through VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) look-up or manual vehicle selection. This gives clients total control, from their own Cataloguing Tool to their Online Catalogue and Website.

Auto-Parts provides the most accurate all-in-one solution in the automotive industry by using Auto-Guru's Auto-Code to catalogue Parts and Accessories to Vehicles. It will then call on the same services to retrieve that Catalogued Data via the same Auto-Code, from within the DVLA Database. This eliminates the need for complex maintenance processes, making it consistently up-to-date. Multiple providers and disparate data sets lead to errors and lengthy updating issues in achieving the same goals.

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The Auto-Parts Service offers a one-stop solution for automotive parts and accessories companies, including cataloguing your products against vehicles in the UK and marketing products through VRM Look-ups.

It is an all-in-one solution that simplifies the process for managing parts catalogues, vehicle parc reporting and VRM look-ups. By using a single coding methodology and database, Auto-Parts eliminates the challenges associated with multiple data providers and data linking, providing timely updates for a more efficient experience. Auto-Part simplifies the product selection process by allowing users to choose specific fields, reducing the number of associations required. This boosts productivity for Cataloguing Editors while providing necessary management reports to ensure a complete catalogue application.

Auto-Part utilises the full listing of Auto-Code fields, and once applicable fields are selected, the system displays the Vehicle Count for each partial Auto-Code created, indicating the CarParc size the part applies to. By using filters on these partials, parts personnel can allocate the correct reference with ease.

This reference is saved in the secure Auto-Part Database and used when conducting a VRM Look-up search from the DVLA/Auto-Code central database.

Auto-Parts offer a range of advantages and functions

Within the Auto-Guru/DVLA Database every vehicle is associated with the appropriate Auto-Code upon receipt. Through continuous updates and maintenance, including CT Changes of Private Registration Numbers, clients can maximize parts and accessory links to vehicles, offering complete coverage and sales.

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